Articles on Sen

Here are some articles on Sen, taken all from Rationality and Commitment, ed. by Fabienne Peter and Hans-Bernhard Schmid, OUP, 2007

Peter & Schmid – Rational Fools, Rational Commitments

Hausman – Sympathy, Commitment & Preference

Pettit – Construing Sen on Commitment

The contribution by Sen to this volume is “Why Commitment is important to Rationality” and it is available in the post “Articles by Sen.”


Some Popular Literature on Rationality and “Rational Economic Man”

These are a number of (not very deep) accounts of how mainstream economic theory (mis)construes consumers and other economic actors.

NEF – Extending the Rational Man

Slivinski – Is Rational Man Extinct

Steele – Rational Economic Man

Articles by Amartya Sen

Here are some links to articles by Sen. These will be relevant for those concerned to look extensively at critiques of rational choice theory, the identification of rationality with so-called instrumental rationality, etc. The most important of these articles is the original article “Rational Fools”.

Sen – Why is Commitment important for Rationality

Sen – Introduction to Rationality and Freedom

Sen – Rational Fools

De Vries Article for tomorrow’s meeting

Apart from Sassatelli, pp.31-52, we will discuss the article by de Vries available at this link:

De Vries – Between Purchasing Power and the World of Goods

Please try to read as much as you can by tomorrow. Sorry for the short notice.


Some articles by and on Simmel and Veblen

Simmel – The Problem of Style

Simmel – The Metropolis

Simmel – Fashion

Veblen – Conspicuous Consumption Ch.4 of TLC

Campbell – Conspicuous Confusion – A Critique of Veblen

Sundie et al. – Peacocks, Porsches and Thorstein Veblen

Trigg – Veblen, Bordieu and Conspicuous Consumption

Articles by McKendrick and Campbell

McKendrick – The Consumer Revolution of 18th Century England: we will be discussing this this week (Week One).

Campbell – Consuming Goods & the Good of Consuming: we will return to this article later but it is worthwhile reading this now (in Week One).

Campbell – Conspicuous Confusion – A Critique of Veblen: we will return to this article, too, but it is also worthwhile reading it now as its critique of emulation accounts is important to understanding potential problems in the account offered by McKendrick.

Campbell – The Sociology of Consumption